Trump Just Formally Announced in Orlando His Reelection Bid

Trump Just Formally Announced in Orlando His Reelection Bid

President Trump just announced he's officially running for a second term in 2020 at tonight's rally in Orlando, Florida.

"With every ounce of heart and might and sweat and soul, we're going to keep making America great again and then we will indeed keep America great," Trump said.

"And that is why tonight, I stand before you to officially launch my campaign for a second term as President of the United States," he continued.

Trump went on to thank his family, naming his wife, children, and parents, as well as his late brother, Fred Jr.

Trump has held over 50 rallies since taking office and formally filed his re-election paperwork on Inauguration Day more than two years ago.

Trump spent several minutes during his rally this Tuesday night musing about which slogan to pick for his 2020 campaign: Make America Great or Keep America Great.

So, in Trump fashion, he decided to poll the crowd — and Keep America Great was the clear winner, based on cheers.

"My ear drums will never be the same," Trump said after the cheers for Keep America Great rang out in Amway Center.

But before he polled the crowd, Trump laid out the stakes, making clear he is attached to the Make America Great Again slogan.

"How do you give up the greatest of all time?" Trump asked. "And if I lose people are going to say, 'What a mistake that was!'"

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