Why you should never wear shoes indoors

In some homes, wearing shoes indoors is regarded as a taboo; however, some cultures don’t see anything wrong in running over the place with your outdoor shoes. Anyways, whether you’re used to going barefoot around in your apartment or you wear trade your outdoor shoes for flip-flops while inside, you might want to check out these reasons why you should never wear shoes indoors.

Your carpeting lasts longer
Here’s one of the top reasons why you should adopt the no-shoes rule if you want to enjoy your money’s worth on your rugs and carpets. It’s not just about the dirt under your shoes staining and marring the beauty of your carpets but the additional foot traffic and the impact of the soles of your shoes wearing out delicate rugs in no time.
Your shoes track in harmful toxins
Take a minute to reflect on the number of stuff you’ve stepped on while on the go, food droppings, mucky water, gasoline, animal droppings, and other gross stuff you don’t know about. Now think about those same dirty, contaminated soles treading on your delicate carpets! Asides from the obvious stains you get on your rugs, you also introduce yourself and innocent others to harmful bacteria. Tip: It’s just as easy as taking off your shoes at the door!
Less scrubbing at the tiles or rugs
If you’re all about keeping things neat and spotless inside the house, you’d definitely stop wearing your shoes indoors. You have cleaner floors, more time to yourself to focus on other things and everyone is happy and free from bad bacteria.

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