What are the health benefits of a sauna?

The idea of using a sauna is relatively uncommon in Nigeria.
However, there are quite a number of health benefits associated with sauna and you should definitely get onboard.
First of all, let’s be clear what a sauna is. A sauna is a room heated to about 70 to 100 degrees Celsius. Using dry heat, sweating is induced in those who are using the sauna. At times though, steam is (wet heat) used but it may also be referred to as a sauna.
What then are the possible health benefits?
1. Relaxation
This is an obvious benefit. As you sweat, blood circulation is improved and in the process, you feel relaxed.
2. Reducing pain
If you are suffering from pains, such as those caused by arthritis, increased circulation may help.
3. Helping asthma patients
People with asthma may enjoy some relief such as clearing of their airways and loosened phlegm due to the increased heat and rising body temperature.
4. Improving cardio
Studies have established a link between the lowered risk of cardiovascular issues and frequent visits to the sauna. According to a Finnish study (Finland has one of the highest sauna use in the world), those who use the sauna at least 4 times a week are 63% less likely to experience a sudden cardiac problem.
5. Lowers blood pressure
A 2018 study shows that half an hour in the sauna can lower both systolic and diastolic blood pressure. The systolic refers to the pressure on your blood vessels during a heartbeat while the diastolic is the pressure in between heartbeats.
6. Improved life span
It is interesting to note that sweating in a sauna at least twice a week can increase one’s lifespan. At least, that is what a Finnish study with 2,300 men proved. 
7. Improved brain health
There is evidence that saunas can lower the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s in later years.
Don’t you just want to hit a sauna now? However, there are certain things you should know first.

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