Things men pay attention to that you never knew

Have you ever caught your spouse or a random lover giving you long looks that make you want to get all up into their mind just to have a know-how of what they are thinking about?
Okay, it might interest you to know that that man is observing you, your smile, quirks, laughter, diet, and every other thing, but will he give that away? No way!
Now, here’s a short list of things men pay attention to but you don’t. 
1.How much makeup you wear

Maybe at this point in your life, you don’t see your beauty touch overs as much of a big deal but your man does and he’ll probably compliment you and all but in your mind he’s just being gentlemanly.  Well, jokes on you, cause that gentleman already feels that you getting all dolled up for a date with him pretty much means that you care about him. A lot.
2.Your facial expressions
A man who’s all up into you would notice even the tiniest crease on your forehead and the play of emotions on your face while conversing with you. He might not get to know what exactly is going on in your head but I bet you, that man has probably mastered your facial expressions by heart enough to know what makes you tick.

3.Body language
Even with our complexities as females, what with being difficult to understand and all, there are instances when our body language gives us away. Body language acts as non-verbal cues expressing the discomfort, happiness, excitement, stress, you’re feeling and boy, does he not notice it all? If he cares about you, I bet nothing about you escapes his scrutiny.

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