Setting goals and achieving them

Everyone has a dream — whether big or small. Dreams or goals are very important in our lives. 
Goals, when achieved, are related to our happiness. For your goals not to be hampered and be in tatters, you must have a great measure of sagacity. You must be able to delay pleasure if you really want to be a success. 
Let us consider things to do if we really want to achieve the goals we have set.
Decide what you want
This is the first step to achieving your goal. Thinking about what you hope to achieve and working towards it is an important first step.
Determine if it’s a realistic goal
After deciding what you idolize to achieve, you then need to scrutinize warily if your goal is truly realistic because all goals really aren’t. 
Be persistent and don’t give up no matter what happens 
The hardest part of achieving a goal is that there is an inner urge and desire to give up when the situation looks tougher. But don’t give up on your goals. You only make your dream come true if you are persistent and determined not to let anything hamper your progress. 
Truly, life is tough and hard but you can make things work out if you tell yourself that you can do even what others think is impossible.  

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