Reasons why crying is healthy

What made you cry in the first instance might hurt like hell but bawling your eyes out is actually good for your health and here’s why!
It improves your mood

Here’s a fat plot twist you’re probably not aware of! Crying has been proven to make you feel much better than you did initially, thanks to the fact that while crying you actually let go of all your pain and anguish, shouldn’t be much of a surprise then that you feel less burdened and considerably better off after crying your eyes out.

Crying helps relieve stress
Another reason why you shouldn’t have a good cry and not bottle up your feelings on the inside is due to the fact that suppressing your tears hikes up your stress levels and this can potentially lead to high blood pressure and even increase your risk for heart issues. It is not a bad idea to give in your tears after all.
It’s an outlet to release your pain
Probably one of the reasons why crying is good for you is because of the fact that it helps you come to terms with upsetting emotions and when you’re caught between anger and extreme hurt you stand a chance of working through it all and getting relieved when you’re done. Most people consider crying as a sign of weakness, however, this is clearly a misconception because crying actually means you’re not denying the pain you’re experiencing but up to terms with it and letting it all go.

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