Mistakes women make when men cheat

We all know about the hassle ladies go through when they’ve got a cheating spouse or lover on their hands, from sleepless nights, endless worrying, sneaking around in search of clues, and more; all these add up to paint a picture of desperation, frustration, and endless torture. 
Retain a bit of your self-worth and dignity by not making any of these common mistakes women make when their man cheats on them.
They turn private investigators overnight
The moment you discover your man has a dirty little secret up his sleeves, spying on him, monitoring his movements and calls might not be ideal after all. Sure, you want to catch him pants-down in the act but know that even that wouldn’t change a single thing. Resist the urge to go in a crazed frenzy to get even going all JAMES BOND on that man definitely wouldn’t change a thing about the fact that he is a cheat.
The blame game
This time the blame isn’t directed at your two-timing significant other but the mistress out there, you see her as the devil’s incarnate who seduced good virtues out of your man and made him break his marital vows to you. FYI, the fault isn’t hers entirely! Your spouse could have cheated on you with just any woman out there, it’s not about him being seduced unduly this time but the fact that cheaters do not need any excuse or reason to cheat. It comes naturally, it is not all about what you’re not doing right or who they meet out there.
Changing to keep him
More on the fact that your man’s infidelity isn’t all about how you look, dress, or your expertise in bed! Changing who you are for that man won’t stop him from moving on the next lady that suits his fancy, cheaters cheat and it is in their nature to keep the act up until they just can’t anymore. Bottom line, the cheater is the one who needs fixing not you!

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