Is a woman dating an older man really a bad thing?

Very recently, actress Regina Daniels came under a lot of heat for marrying a man, aged about 60 even though she is just in her early 20s. A lot of people called her a gold digger.
Another similar case is of Leonardo DiCaprio. He is 44 years old but dating a 23-year-old. Someone on Quora asked if it wasn’t creepy that Leonardo is a year older than his girlfriend’s mother. 
I know, it is weird, but that is exactly what I want us to take a look at – the fact that society frowns on relationships and marriages between people with a huge age gap. 
In Regina’s case let’s stop assuming that she is with him for money. Even if that is truly the case, there is no hard evidence to substantiate that. As for Leonardo, so what if he is older than his girlfriend’s mother?
I believe that what is most important in relationships where one party is much older than the other is how they feel about each other. It is not for society to judge if it is okay for two adults to be together. 
That brings me to another important point. The two people involved in both scenarios are adults – both Regina Daniels and Leonardo’s girlfriend. If it was a case of a minor and adult then that is very wrong.
Of course, they may have ulterior motives, but that is not for you and me to worry about. The people they are involved with know what they want. 
So, can the rest of us just take a chill pill?

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