How earphones can cost you your very life (ii)

This is the denouement of our discussion. You feel comfortable when you have earphones in your ears, don’t you? But don’t you think that they also have side effects. In fact, I’ve come to a unanimous conclusion that whatever is man-made that has an advantage must also have a disadvantage. This is also true in the case of using earphones. 

Really, the use of earphones is not itself wrong. Nevertheless, improper or excessive use of the device can cost you what you never thought—your life. 
Now, let’s add more to our knowledge of how earphones can cost us our life. 
4. You are at risk if you don’t change your ear covers
This may sound strange to us because, in this country, we have only a set of covers or rubbers that come with one set of earphones. So it may be so stressful changing earphones just because we want to change the rubbers. Well, because the rubbers are covered with bacteria after some time, you are advised to get something that could wipe off those bacteria absolutely from the covers or rubbers. 
5. The higher the volume, the higher your hearing problems
A study shows that if you increase the volume because you are listening to music, you are at risk of damaging your hearing. Therefore, researchers advise that it is best you minimize the volume or listen to music through speakers, not earphones.  
6. If you are not using noise-cancelling headphones, there will be problems
Noise-cancelling headphones are just the recommended type you ought to use since they help cancel the noise from your surroundings. This helps with better hearing experience. 
Learn the tricks today and prevent damaging your ears or avoid untimely death. 

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