How earphones can cost you your very life (i)

So many of us use earphones on various occasions—when travelling, when working, when strolling, and when shopping. However, improper use of these devices can actually cost you your very life.
Try to think of the time when you or someone was almost hit by a car as a result of the earphones you or the individual plugged in, which blocked his ears so much so that he could not hear the horn of the car. That’s terrible! Not so? 
You may ask if it is really possible for earphones to cost you a very precious thing—your own life. Well, the answer is not far-fetched—it can. How? 
Let’s examine areas where earphones can do this.

1. Sharing earphones with someone who has an ear infection
This is one of the ways earphones can cost you your own life. It is good to share your things with people. But is it nice to share when you know it will be damaging to you? If you share your earphones with someone who has ear-infection-causing germs, there is a possibility of you not getting infected with germs. 
2. Having them plugged in for so long
Did you know that apart from getting infected over sharing your earphones with someone, you can get these germs from plugging them in the ears for a very long time? According to a study, we get hundreds of germs when we get these devices on our ears for just an hour.
3. Using earphones when travelling

This may sound awful, right? But it is the reality. Research has recently shown that listening to music when traveling can pose a very big danger on your hearing because coupled with the noise surrounding the vehicle while it’s moving, it adds to the already existing sound you get from your earphones. 

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