How do you know an untrustworthy friend? Here are surefire signs (i)

Trust is one of the most important qualities every human being needs to cultivate. However, some lack that quality. There are some who pretend to love you but in reality, are nothing to write home about. 
How then can you tell if your friend is not that trustworthy fellow? I have compiled a lot of information on this topic. Therefore, you are advised to take your time to go through it warily so as to understand these surefire signs. 
1. They feel Jealousy
You ought to beware of that friend of yours who never ever feels happy or claps at your success. Identifying a jealous friend is not that easy because they feel outward happiness whenever you climb the ladder of success. However, you can spot them since they always feel bitter towards those who have more things than them. 
2. Controlling 
This is a very dangerous sign to look out for. If your friend always wants to have the upper hand in every situation, then you ought to be very careful with this person. A controlling person can’t be trusted in any form because they care so much about being in control, rather than having a listening heart to the concerns of the other person.  

3. Inconsistent 
If their words are not in agreement with their actions, then you should please leave them. They are not worthy of your time. Would you like to set yourself on the path of failure? This is the express purpose you should leave since they will never mean what they say. 
4. Selfish Desires
If your friend is the type who only wants to take without giving in return, how would you feel about them? This is one of the qualities possessed by untrustworthy people. 
The list is not over; there are more surefire signs. 

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