Here Are Five things holding you back in life and how to overcome them

Most people have the saying that experience has taught them that life can be unfair.
But, is life truly unfair? Well, I would say life isn’t unfair but things make life itself unfair. 
We will consider five things that are really holding us back in life. Also, we will examine how we can overcome these things.
1. Self-criticism
Most people always do this—they criticize themselves so much so that they feel worthless and less important in their eyes and those of others. Self-criticism is not healthy for our health. 

2.  Ingenuity 
Most people are not genuine—they are deceitful—especially when it comes to business issues. They want to use every opportunity they have got to rub others of their joy. Remember, what goes around must surely come around. Drop the ingenuity forum and focus on how sincerity brings true happiness and success.   
3. Refusing to accept the necessary risks
Life is about learning as you move and grow. Every decision, every time you get out of bed in the morning, every step you take, you engage in a small risk. Life is a risk. If you want to truly live, you must get up, take risks, and trust yourself that you can even if others say you can’t. 
Don’t be scared to give a trial for there is no harm in trying. 
4. Letting negative people overcrowd your mind
Negativity is another thing that has caused many a person to fall. They allow what negative people say to fill their mind. Remember, there will always be negative people in life. But do always avoid them; it is their chief mission to draw you back. 
5. You want things to be easy
If anyone tells you that easy goals exist, please don’t be naïve; easy goals don’t exist. It requires efforts and sacrifices on our path to achieve our goals. 
Don’t be fooled; things do not come easily. We must work smarter to achieve them. 

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