Fashion Tips Every Lady Should Know

Want the basics on starting out as a big-time fashionista? Then, you really need to take a look at these fancy tips that would get you started on having your wardrobe behavior leveled up and you getting all slayed up every single day.

You a college student desirous of some spice in your wardrobe choices? or just a normal grown-up lady looking for some fashion tips here and there to make things less boring? We’ve got you covered! Here you go.
1.Good lingerie 
First off you need to get it right with your intimate pieces, wear what fits not just for the sake of adhering to fashion rules but for your health too.
2.Get you some leather and denim jacket
They are classics! Meaning they never ever go out of fashion! So, these are must-haves in your closet and the best part is you can rock them all-year-round.
3.Know your colors
Understand already that there is a rule you probably shouldn’t break while combining colors in your get-up: there cannot be more than three colors at a stretch. 
4.Layer up
Got extra flab you want to be concealed or your love handles? Then you need not resort to baggy, drab dresses. Just layer up your slim outfits up good with your fav waterfall jackets, scarves and all and you’re good to go!
Here are some other fashion tips that might interest you to know.
Leggings should go with long tops.
Let one color pop at a time.

Master the art of tucking.
And yeah, every girl needs an LBD!
Always hem your pants.
Get on top of your color blocking game.
Finally, do remember to take a cue from the seasons.

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