Can you use marijuana during pregnancy?

Marijuana crosses the placenta to enter your baby’s brain and tissue giving your baby about one-third to one-tenth of the marijuana in your bloodstream.

Marijuana effect on your baby

Marijuana reduces the flow of blood and oxygen through the placenta directly affecting your baby’s development. It explains why babies from mothers who are marijuana users often have low birth weight. 
Research shows that babies exposed to marijuana after birth, experience “increased tremors, exaggerated startle reflexes, high pitched cries, and abnormal sleep patterns” common to opioid withdrawal. 
These babies as they grow might experience a deficit in memory and verbal skills and reasoning.  Extensive research has not absolutely confirmed this. These babies, though, have the tendency to be aggressive and less attentive. 
Marijuana effect on the baby’s momma
Pregnant women who take marijuana sometimes do so to deal with morning sickness. Many claims that it helps compared to morning sickness pills. These women include those who were addicts or marijuana users before pregnancy.
You should know though that the use of marijuana places you at risk of low blood pressure and increased heart rate which can make you dizzy or faint. It also tampers with your judgment. You could harm yourself and your baby between all these. 
Though there is no concrete evidence on the overall effect of marijuana on your baby, medical experts recommend abstinence during pregnancy. 
In light of how marijuana may disrupt your baby’s normal brain development, make him smaller at birth or lead to still birth, it is clear that you can’t use marijuana during pregnancy. 

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