8 foods that detoxify your body excellently

You may think that detoxification is just one of those buzzwords that people use to trick others into buying products they don’t really need and you are probably right.
This is why I am not about to reel out products that you can use. Rather, we will go the old fashioned way (as we always do here) and list healthy foods that can do the job.
But first, why do you need to detoxify anyway?
I believe people need to detoxify now more than ever because of all the processed foods they eat. There are just too many additives in food and that food companies get away with. Sure, certain experts proffer detox programmes and they may work but the safest route to detoxification is to eat healthy foods.

Now, let’s take a look at what those foods are.
1. Green leafy vegetables
I bet out mothers told us that if we had issues going to the toilet, a bowl of assorted vegetable soup would do the trick. And they were right. The chlorophyll in these leaves is one of the most detoxifying plant pigments. Also, the fibre-rich nature of these vegetables makes them good choices for a good detox.
2. Green tea
I don’t think anyone will fault you if you love green tea. It is magical but beyond that, green tea is high in antioxidants that help with detox. Also, it boosts the production of detoxifying enzymes.
3. Garlic
You probably already know how awesome garlic is but do not know that it is good for cleaning out your system. Scientists have found that garlic can help in the deactivation of carcinogenic substances and the enhancement of detoxification.
4. Avocado
This protein-rich food is an excellent choice for a good detox. It is a storehouse of fatty acids that work against liver toxins. 
We’ll see more in another article. For now, incorporate these into your dishes. 

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