7 practical ways of developing new habits

When it comes to letting go of bad habits, psychologists always say that you should replace it with a new habit and of course, it should be a positive one.
At the same time, I recognize the fact that developing a new habit is not as easy as picking up a new pair of shoes. Therefore, here are tested and tried ways of developing new habits.
1. Understand why it is important
You must recognize what is at stake so you can take it seriously and put in the work. For example, if you wish to drink water more often then, recognize why it is important.
2. Go little by little
You may have 3 habits that you want to pick up in 2019 but you can’t work on all of them at the same time. You would have to work your way through each one.
Also, pursue the habit little by little. For instance, if you want to exercise for 30 minutes per day then start with 10 minutes.
3. Recruit others
You can’t do it all on your own. More often than not, if you know that no one else is watching you, you will cheat. Thus, speak to friends or family members that can help you stay on track.
4. Understand that it takes time
You have to be forgiving of yourself. Of course, you should not be too relaxed but at the same time, understand that a habit change does not happen at once. Therefore, let the process run its course.
5. Reward yourself
You will be more consistent when there is a reward attached, even if you are the one gifting yourself. For example, for each week that you exercise every day (supposing that is your goal), buy yourself a healthy smoothie.
It may take a lot of work but it always pays in the end.  

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