5 perfect ways to make your eyes pop

If you get your makeup right, you can make your eyes pop in a compelling way that will make people give you a second look. However, can you achieve the cool?
1. Curl your lashes
This simple trick makes your eyelashes looker longer and full, thereby drawing attention to your eyes. You can easily pull this off with a curler but if you don’t have that at hand, you can use a spoon. Yes, you read that right. Rinse the clean spoon with warm water and then dry it off. Place the edge of the spoon underneath your lashes and then gently clamp with your thumb. 
2. Use ice
Suppose you had a late night and now you have woken up with puffy eyes, you should use some ice to get rid of the bags and dark circles.
3. Concealer is your friend
You may be scared of smearing concealer on your face in an unpleasant manner but you have got to learn how to make the most of it. In this way, you hide the dull skin around your eyes after a poor night’s sleep.
4. Use mascara
You can’t want to make your eyes pop without getting cozy with mascara. Lay it on thick on your eyelashes and it will almost look like you fixed false lashes.
5. Go blue
This is one trick I have used and fallen in love with. Eyeliner is great for giving you a sultry look but instead of a black colour, use a blue one that will give your eyes the pop you have always wanted. 

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