4 things to do in your 20s to set you on the path of financial freedom

One look at the economy and you tell yourself that it is impossible for you to ever become a millionaire in your 30s.
In fact, most married people in their 30s do not have hope of ever owning their home till much later, at retirement. Therefore, you may assume that as a youngster in her 20s, you don’t have a shot at becoming a millionaire in your 30s. 
However, if you stick to these principles, you have a real shot.
1. Save to invest
Many of us make the mistake of saving money only to spend it later. Yet, this is a faulty approach because there will always be an ‘urgent’ need that you have to sort out. You should be saving money so that you can invest it. The investment could be landed property, gold, treasury bills, a professional course, etc. The point is that you put your money into something that will yield returns.
2. Set your goals properly
It is not just about setting goals. Anyone can do that. What is most important is to set realistic, achievable goals with a measuring system attached so that you can track your progress. If you get your goals straight, the possibility of doing well financially is higher.

3. Choose your friends wisely
Our mothers advised us on friendship though they were not financial gurus. In the same vein, seek out to be part of circles that will inspire you to succeed, be it online or even in real life. Hang out with people that you admire.
4. Develop multiple streams of income
The money is not going to drop in your laps if you don’t make an avenue for it to come in. Even if you have a regular 9-5, you should be looking out for other ways of making money, even passively.
These principles are so simple but they work. 

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