4 Drinks that causes bad breath

You think chomping down on odiferous foods like onions and garlic are the major culprits for your bad breath issues? Yeah, maybe but certain drinks too definitely cause halitosis!

So, here you go, check out this list of healthy drinks and not-so-healthy drinks that can cause bad breath.
First up on the list of your number one bad breath culprit is your regular cup of coffee! Guess all that coffee breath you get minutes after gulping down a mugful of coffee, is thanks to the dried coffee residue in your mouth which creates a perfect breeding ground for bacteria to grow and this my friend, equals to bad breath!
Duh! This one right here is obvious. I know, right? Alcohol just like coffee also dries out your mouth causing bad breath. Now you see why folks start popping sweet-smelling candies after getting high on beer or cocktails?

Milk?! Calcium supplement and all, yet bad for your oral health? Yeah, so true. As healthy as following the doctor’s prescription of a tall glass of milk per day is, milk will also cause halitosis for due to all that hydrogen sulfide in your mouth.
4.Orange juice
Think orange juice is sweet-smelling and yummy so bad breath? Nah. Now, you’ve got a rethink coming. You see, orange juice is highly acidic as a citric drink, so yeah it dries out the mouth and definitely causes bad breath.

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