3 Ways your smartphone can help improve your health

Nearly everyone today is the proud owner of a smartphone, we lug it around all day and it’s probably an all-time favorite owner-obsessed accessory nobody wants to talk about. Smartphones might rightly be one of the best things in technological and mobile advancement that happened to 21st century users, although most people would argue endlessly on the bad influence outweighing the good of our sleek cellphones, let’s take a minute to check out some of the good that can be achieved with the use of mobile devices, this time health-wise.

1.Grants you quick access to healthcare
It doesn’t matter the type of health crisis you have on your hands; you can get access to unlimited healthcare within your reach in lesser time than placing a call to your hospital’s emergency unit would take. With every smartphone on the market, there’s a special health and safety feature that includes voice-activated emergency dialing. Yell at your phone in case of an emergency and get emergency services coming up your way right on the spot.
2.Improve your meditation exercises
Your smartphone is choked full of apps that help make things all too convenient for you, improve the quality of your meditation practices by playing soothing music from your device or installing an app solely designed to aid the spiritual practice of meditation and yoga.
3.Your smartphone keeps a tab on your calorie-intake
There’s almost an app for everything on that smartphone, if you’re on a diet, it might interest you to know that you can easily get apps that would help you on your weight loss journey. There are calorie-tracking apps that help you keep detailed logs of your everyday meals, calculate your recommended calorie intake and even help you determine the number of calories in a single meal.

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