3 things you should do when you are being criticized

Has there been a time when you felt unworthy or incompetent as a result of criticism? It didn’t seem funny, right? Being criticized is definitely an awful experience.
Being able to overcome this painful experience, on the other hand, can also be a good thing you know. It proves that you have a better control over your feelings. It can as well be taken that you stood up for something by so doing. 
There are lots of positive things that come with overcoming criticism. But for us to get hold of them, we’ve got to learn how to react when someone criticizes us.

Here are 3 things you can do.
1. Don’t be quick to respond
You can choose whether or not to listen, talk more of responding. It totally your choice and it works either way.
In a case where you choose to respond, take a pause before response to avoid giving a non-assertive response.
2. Respond assertively
Instead of responding defensively, respond appropriately. Respond in a way that shows that you have no emotional attachment to the criticism. Yell if need be.
3. Agree only with the truth in what was said.

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