10 ways of keeping your hair healthy and glam

Maintaining one’s hair can be daunting, especially with the whole natural hair movement that has overtaken the fashion industry.

Inasmuch as women are doing their best to avoid using chemicals on their hair, the task of keeping your hair healthy can be puzzling.
However, if you stick to the following ten (10) tips, your hair will come out looking healthy and glam all the time.
1. Avoid dye
Yes, it may be the trend these days but let’s be honest: dye contains chemicals that can harm the natural structure of the hair. Even if you must go with the trend, keep your hair adventures to a minimum.
2. Trim your hair

I know you are trying to make it grow longer and fuller and so, trimming the hair seems counterproductive. Yet, trimming your hair gets rid of split ends that may lead to hair breakage later on. Thus, it better to trim the hair –just like pruning a tree- so that when it regrows, it is stronger.
3. Watch what you eat
What you eat matters because it affects every part of your body, including your hair. Your diet should be rich in protein and whole grains so as to strengthen your hair.
4. Use natural oils
Depending on synthetic hair products can harm your hair in the long run. You should depend on essential oils like coconut oil etc. instead to keep your scalp nourished. 
5. Slow down on the shampoo
You should keep your hair clean but shampooing your hair all the time deprives your hair of the opportunity to hydrate. Thus, cut down how often you shampoo your hair.
These tips are simple enough, aren’t they? But I am not done yet.


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