Women who stick together make it, research says

Over the years, women have seen other women as competition and so there has been a lack of support for one another. 
You know it is true.
When you walk into an office, the person who is most likely to give you a hard time if you are a woman is another woman. 
If you really look at it, it does not make sense. There is already a lot of discrimination in the world against us so we should stick together but that is hardly the case. This is why there have been a lot of campaigns that encourage women to support one another.
The truth is that it is not really our fault. We have been taught from when we are little that other women are our rivals. For example, our mothers told us that if we don’t learn how to cook, another woman will snatch our men from us. Therefore, we grew up believing that other women were out for us. 
So, we get naturally defensive of our perceived territory when another woman saunters in, even if it is at the workplace. 
However, new research from the University of Notre Dame and Northwestern University tells us that there is a strong correlation between having a strong ‘women’s only’ friendship circle and career success. Are you surprised that science has proven this?
Well, the study showed that women who stick together tend to offer emotional, professional, and instrumental support that can help one another scale up the ladder.
The possible reasons for these findings are that with friends, you can express yourself freely; they know how to add value to your life because they know you, they tell you the truth and they always root for you.
Make a habit of supporting other women today and be there for your friends. They will also be there for you. 
See you at the top!
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