What happens to your body when you hold your pee?

If all your life you’ve always delayed pee-time ’cause you’re too neck-deep in work, I bet you’ll be interested in the potential health risks your body can suffer.
It has been discovered that a good number of people just find it too much work to get up from the comfort of their couch or work desk for a short trip to the restroom to empty their bladder. So, we hold the pee for a very long time and make a dash to the restroom in a frenzy just when we feel our bladder can no longer hold out. If you’re wondering if this habit is healthy or poses any health risks for you, the answer is a straight YES. 
Continue reading to discover what happens to your body when you hold your pee.
Getting used to holding your pee can potentially weaken your bladder muscles, this might just lead to urinary retention. This here is an abnormal condition that prevents you from being able to empty out your bladder in a go.
Holding urine for long periods can increase the chances of contracting kidney diseases. Pregnant women should in no way postpone their visit to the ladies 'cause they are already at a heightened risk for urinary tract infection.
It might prove to be life-threatening! That simple habit of not peeing immediately you feel the need to might just lead to a fatal end, such as death as a result of your entire bladder giving up on you. You don’t want to take any chances, so learn to excuse yourself anytime you’re pressed.

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