South Africa is better than Nigeria — Fela says in throwback video from 35 years ago

The assertion that the late Afrobeat legend, Fela Kuti who is one of the greatest prophets of all times might just be true, as a throwback interview from thirty-five years ago shows Fela saying that South Africa is better than Nigeria.

It may sound insulting to the average Nigerian citizen. But the truth is that this saying by Fela Kuti from thirty-five years back is all shades of reality today. Comparing the position of South Africa and Nigeria, it is clear that Nigeria is lacking behind big time! The worst part is that redemption is nowhere near. This is what Fela foretold 35 years back.
In his words: “Nigeria they say is the best African country. But Nigeria, as we all know, is the worst country in Africa.” Going further to drive his point across, he also said blacks are mistreating blacks. However, South Africa mistreats her citizens with caution, unlike Nigeria that maltreats her citizens without any fear and criticism.
Somehow, the 35-year-old interview resurfaced and we could see the manifestation of the late legend’s prophecy. Some quickly alleged that it was prophesied like this that led to his subtle murder. But even in death, Fela lives on.

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