Psychological reasons why nice guys never get the girl of their dreams

Okay, I get it you’re everything nice and good, just what her mother would want in her future son-in-law. But the downside is that le-boo isn’t even taking your signals, it is almost as if you don’t exist! Now, why’s that right? Well, lucky enough for you, there is a bit of psychology to why your favorite girl-next-door isn’t interested in you.
Sometimes bad things look more enticing
In a real sense, anything bad is detestable. However, it may appear that this rule does not extend to the dating world. It has been discovered that girls, even the goody-two-shoes appear to be more attracted to the big-bad squad because they represent everything fun and alluring! Some ‘bad guys’ sweep you off your feet with their sinfully enticing good looks, they give the word ‘bad’ a thrilling and adventurous edge!

Good becomes boring!
Especially if that girl has been used to playing safe her whole life, she might not be thrilled to get involved with a normal guy who is all up into safe uninteresting kinds of stuff like balling every weekend, following a strict home-office-home schedule, and all that. Sure, we have nice guys out there who appear to be fun and all but they don’t come close to the appeal bad guys ooze in splatters.

Girls want to be real-life heroines
According to all those romantic flicks and novels, bad guys do change and when they do it is double the charm and appeal.
Trust girls to want to be the one to save them from their evil past. With Mr. Nice guy, there’s nothing to save him from saving his ol’ boring self.


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