Here are 6 indisputable signs that your child is an introvert

First of all, being an introvert is not a bad thing. 
It is not every child that is a bundle of bubbling energy. Of course, introverted children can learn to go out of their comfort zones and explore, but who they truly are –introverts¬—will not change, not even in adulthood.
In fact, experts say that from about 4 months of age, it is possible to tell if your child is an introvert or not. However, that may be a bit of stretch for you, since you are not an expert.
With the following signs though, you can tell if your older child is an introvert or not.

1. They ask big questions
All children are naturally curious, extrovert or introvert. While an extrovert will not give a second thought to the big whys of life, your child who is an introvert may ask you. 
Introverts tend to reflect a lot and from childhood, this trait shows itself as questions that even you find difficult to answer.
2. They struggle in groups
Like introverted adults, introverted children generally take a while to warm up to new environments or people. This may mean that in school they will find it hard to relate with other people because they are not as assertive. 
You should also note that this does not mean they are weak-willed. They simply have a different approach. 
3. They are ‘late bloomers’
Do you know that child that you are not sure what to make of when they are still very young? He/she is most likely an introvert. 
It takes a while for an introvert’s real personality to show, to both strangers and even those around him/her.
Does your child fit this description? Don’t jump into conclusions just yet. Hold on till you see the other signs. 

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