Hair myths that are totally false

Right from the moment natural hair started trending all over the place, lots of hair care tips and tons of misconceptions about our afro-luscious hair have been doled out in mammoth amounts. 
If you think you’ve got your hair care game down on pat, you just might have a surprise waiting for you after checking out this list of misconceptions about our natural hair.
Regular trims encourage hair growth
It is not the actual act of shearing your hair every month that makes your hair grow. Don’t confuse trimming off split ends with a general hair trim in order to retain hair length and reduce hair breakage.

Nappy hair looks unprofessional
Natural hair is anything but tardy or out of place in the workplace. It all depends on how you tame that afro of yours! You can rock your luscious curls unbound or tame them into a twist or any other natural hair updo depending on the look you’re aiming for; this sister-girl is why your natural crown of hair is so versatile!

Dry shampoo works best than regular shampoo
This is a so-not-true talk! Fine, you may have to make do with dry shampoo some days but the fact remains that they clean out your hair or scalp. To get clean and moisturized hair on the go, your best bet is using that bottle of wet shampoo. 

Cold hair rinse improves hair luster
Not even close! Rinsing out your hair with freezing water has nothing to do with improving hair shine. What you need is a nice bottle of quality hair conditioner to effect great change in the appearance of your hair.

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