Get pregnant faster with these tips!

Pregnancy is a miracle that does not come to some persons naturally. If you’ve been having issues trying to conceive, you might want to consider the following tips to get you fertile in no time.
Stop popping birth control pills
You might have issues conceiving if you’ve been using birth control for a while. So not only do you need to go off the pills, but you also need to give your body time to get your ovulation regulated. The moment your cycles attain constant K status, you are well on your way to timing your conception.
Have sex before you ovulate
You don’t want to take any chances here so you need to get busy with le-boo under the sheets. When you ovulate, your egg isn’t liable to last more than a day. Therefore, it is important you have sex just before you ovulate to ensure there’ll be sperm all over you to receive your precious egg the moment it drops.
Best sex position for conception
Against popular misconception, there is actually no such thing as a perfect sex position suitable for making babies. However, you can up your chances of conceiving by lying on your back right after sex. After having sweet, gentle sex, or jungle sex with your partner, ensure you stay on your back for a long time just so sperm can gather down there and commence the gradual process of swimming to your egg.

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