Do stretch marks really go away or is it just a myth?

At least 90% of women get stretch marks. 
For some of us, they are faded lines that are evidence of the life we have brought to this earth. For others, they are signs of puberty that came upon us suddenly and we have to carry with us through the rest of our days. 
The lines can be hideous sometimes, as though we were severely flogged and sometimes, it can make us uncomfortable with our bodies, as we shy away from wearing anything that bares them for the world to see. They could be along the upper arms, belly, breasts, thighs, and hips. 
Therefore, we jump on any remedy that claims to be able to take care of this 'problem'. We take the tea, the creams, and lotions that promise solutions in a matter of days. But do they really work?
I am not sure if you are ready for the truth. You may want to sit for this. 
The truth is that more often than not, stretch marks do not really disappear except if surgically removed, as know nip tuck procedures. They may fade but you can't really make them go away totally because they are actually tiny tears in the skin as the body suddenly stretched, perhaps due to dramatic weight gains like growth spurts or pregnancy. 
Does that mean that there is absolutely nothing you can do? No. I will share tips for easing stretching marks in another post and hopefully, they will fade as time goes on. 

Now that you know the truth, don't let anyone try to fool you with marketing gimmicks.

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