8 reasons why you need to use oils

You have probably heard it said time without number that rubbing oils on your face will only cause breakouts, probably because you have oily skin. Well, I have come with another gospel, and trust me, this one is truly good news.
Using oils on your face will not cause breakouts because they are naturally occurring. Rather, they will furnish your face with untold beauty and I mean every word of what I just said. 
Let the facts speak.
1. They can get rid of the pimples 
You are scared that oils will cause breakouts but in truth, natural oils like tea tree oil are said to get rid of pimples and other facial blemishes. In fact, jojoba oil has been found to reduce oil production when it is used in moderation.
2. They help with your makeup
Oils can serve as a primer just before you apply your concealer or foundation. This is because it makes your face smoother and moisturizes flaky skin. 
3. They nourish the skin
Beyond moisturizing the skin, oils are most especially good for dry skin. Girl if you have dry skin, you don’t have to rely on over-priced and processed products that probably have harmful active ingredients. 
Natural oils, on the other hand, lock in moisture and other hydrating ingredients so that they can carry out their functions on your skin seamlessly.
4. They protect your skin
Oils can serve as a barrier against harmful substances and organisms in the atmosphere. This way, your skin is protected round the clock.
I am not done yet. I have more amazing reasons why you should add natural oils to your beauty regimen coming right up. 

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