8 reasons why you need to use oils (ii)

This is the second part of the series. Enjoy!
I am all for organic products. This is why I always tell you about natural ways of getting the best of your skin or hair. 
Indeed, nature has given us all that we need to look like the best version of ourselves and to this end, let us continue with our exploration of the reasons why natural oils are the way to go!
5. They can reduce wrinkles
Certain oils are filled with antioxidants, which prevents further aging. Also, consistent exposure to the sun is known to cause wrinkles. Therefore, oils can protect your skin from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. 
If you have naturally oily skin then you may decide to use the oils only at night, before bed and you won’t miss out on its amazing benefits.
6. They are perfect for dry skin
Maybe you have always been plagued by dry skin, right from childhood but could never really find the lasting solution. Look no further than natural oils to give you that vibrant, glow you desire. Say ‘bye bye’ to dry skin and ‘hello’ to radiant skin.
7. They can get rid of rashes
Most oils have anti-inflammatory properties. For example, argan oil is known to ease skin irritations and reduce redness.
8. They can shrink enlarged pores
Yes, you want to have open pores but you don’t want them to become enlarged as that means you will be absorbing more harmful substances and they (the pores) become more visible to the eye.
Oils like jojoba are great for this particular job.
Therefore, give natural oils a chance today. 

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