8 proven ways of making stretch marks fade

Let us be clear: stretch marks hardly disappear completely except if that area of skin is surgically removed. 
However, there are natural remedies that can make them fade considerably. For example, when my sister was pregnant, she had stretch marks on her belly so she rubbed shea butter all through the pregnancy and afterward, they faded. 
What are other remedies you can try? 
1. Aloe vera
Since stretch marks are as a result of torn skin, you need to keep the area moist while it heals. Thus, cut off the thorns then blend into a gel. Rub the gel on the area twice a day and allow air-drying before washing off with lukewarm water. 
2. Coconut oil
This is great for the production of collagen, which your body desperately needs while it is healing. You could make the oil yourself to be sure of its purity then rub it on the affected area, at least twice a day. 
3. Lemon juice 
Being acidic, it can lighten the tone of your skin and make the stretch marks less visible. Squeeze out the juice then apply to the area. Leave for at least 10 minutes then wash off with lukewarm water. Do this till you notice the result you want. 
4. Egg whites 
We have always known that protein helps with bodybuilding, right? Well, if you have stretch marks then you are in dire need of body building materials. 
Break two eggs and separate the whites then whip. Apply liberally to the area and allow to dry. Repeat this procedure 3 times each day. 
Through each of these, remember that skin types differ so it is not all of these remedies that will work for you. Also, watch closely for changes but we're not done yet. The title promised 8 remedies, right? 

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