6 Ways to grow the perfect beard

The average guy out there wants a nice beard he can stroke gently while mouthing perfect nonsense into the hearing ears of that beautiful girl-next-door. Some desire a growth of facial hair because they believe it is a mark of maturity and of course, ‘masculinity’. Whatever the reasons are, it is understandable that a fully grown beard plus mustache is a source of pride for guys. 
So, are you having issues growing a beard? Have you used almost every facial hair stimulant out there with no luck? Is achieving a fully-grown mustache and beard one of your man goals this spring? Well, you’re just in luck because we’ll be giving out some tips and tricks to growing facial hair without breaking a bank.

Take foods rich in vitamin A, B, C, and E. You can also take over-the-counter supplements to stimulate facial hair growth. You might want to get hooked to biotin too since it is notoriously known for speeding beard growth.
Exfoliate skin regularly. Clogged up skin pores might slow down the process of growing out some facial man hairs, so it is necessary you exfoliate the skin to eliminate dead skin cells and also stimulate hair growth naturally.
Follow up skin exfoliation with a mild cleanser twice a day; cleaning skin only speeds up the beard growth process.
Invest in essential natural oils that promote hair growth. Massage coconut oil, Amla oil, or Eucalyptus oil onto the skin. These oils act as natural remedies to increase facial hair growth.
Increase your protein intake. Hair is basically made up of protein. Therefore, get all the protein you can get in foods like meat, fish, eggs, and nuts to help the hair on your face grow faster.
Ditch your shaving stick for a spell and just let that hair go wild for a month or two following all the aforementioned steps, just so you understand how your hair grows naturally and then you can sculpt all that facial hair into a masterpiece!

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