4 Reasons why being single is a great idea

Singleness is not a curse; it is not a disease! And it is definitely not as ugly as society paints it. So, your friends are all engaged but you’re still on the search for Mr. Right? Just perfect! Stop mourning your single state already because you’ve just been presented with a lifetime opportunity to explore boundaries, enjoy your freedom, and most importantly, grow and evolve beyond societal restrictions.
Need I go further on why being single is awesome? Right. Check these out.
There is no better time than now to go on a journey of discovering your real self—your potentials, what makes you tick, your strengths and weaknesses, etc. Your years as an unattached female/male is a time to learn all about yourself asides from your shoe size and favorite meals; it is a time in everyone’s life to reveal their real self.
Pursue your passions
Being single shouldn’t be equated with being lonely and miserable, look on the brighter side! You get to go for what you love doing without restrictions and when you eventually get settled down, you don’t have regrets whatsoever.
It’s about making your own rules
What’s amazing about being single is that you don’t get to place another person before yourself or dance to anyone’s tune. You make and follow your own rules without limits.
Build up your self-esteem
There is this level of confidence and good-natured pride that comes with being used to doing things your own way, following your own rules. Your days as a single person and the qualities you’ve yodeled into your subconscious sometimes determine the type of relationship you’ll have later in the future.

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