4 possible reasons why he is ignoring you

Men say women are complicated but I believe no such thing. I would rather concede that we are different. 
The same way men find it hard to understand women is the same way women wonder what goes on in a man's mind. This is why it is imperative that the lines of communication remain open so that it is easy to eliminate misunderstandings.
However, what of situations where you and your man just had an argument and he ignores afterward? You have no idea what is going on in his mind and you are wondering how to approach him. 
There are 4 possible reasons for his behaviour. This does not make his attitude right but it gives you an idea where he is coming from. 

1.  He is angry
He may be snubbing you simply because he is too angry to talk to you. He probably knows that he will say hurtful things if he speaks so he needs time to cool down. 
2. He needs space
You just may be a very clingy person without realizing it. Therefore, he is trying to create some distance between you two. Thus, do an analysis. Ask yourself if you are always around him, etc. 

3. He has a lot on his plate
It may not even be about you or the relationship. He probably has a lot of things bothering him from work, family, or friends and then he is trying to sort it out. 
4.  He wants a way out of the relationship 
You don't want to believe this—I know—but it may be the reason for his behaviour. He could be looking for a way to leave you but not know how to do it. 

Whatever the cause, it is not right that he is shying away from you but be a bigger person and brace yourself for any of the above. 

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