Why selfies may be bad for you

I remember the first time I heard the word ‘selfie’; it was so strange. I could not have thought that one day it would be a commonly used term but look where we are now. It is not just widely known but is a common practice, no matter the age as long as one owns a ‘camera phone’.

We all know how it works. First, are the 30 odd minutes spent in ridiculous poses as the camera clicks away. After that is the next one hour spent on choosing the perfect picture to post online and then using the best filter for that picture. In the end, the 50 other pictures are forgotten or deleted. 
As innocent as it may seem to take selfies regularly, they might be an underlying negative consequence. 
Psychiatric experts fear that excessively taking selfies may negatively impact body image. This is because posting photos of oneself heightens awareness of one’s appearance. Whether we accept it or not, we take so much time choosing the ‘best’ picture because we want to present the perfect image of ourselves and then we obsess over the number of likes because we secretly seek validation. If that validation does not come, over time, it can go downhill from there.
This is why heavy social media users need to hit the brakes. I always advocate that social media should not merely be used for leisure. It should be a channel for self-expression but with a defined purpose. 
Social media is like a Pandora box. If you are careless with it, it could overwhelm you by feeding on your insecurities.