Why do people gaslight?

Lately, I have been writing about ‘gaslighting’ to answer the numerous questions you may have about the appalling behaviour and this time around, I want to focus on why people do it.
To be clear (in case you have not read the other posts on this subject), gaslighting is a manipulative behaviour used by someone to wield influence over you by making you accept the reality they present to you (which is fictitious). Anybody who seeks to control someone could use it like cult leaders, dictators, and even some friends and boyfriends. 
Now, this is something really terrible and you may be wondering why someone would engage in such behaviour. There are various reasons but this is what my research revealed.
1. Parental influence
I think many of us experienced this without realizing it. Some of our parents were gaslighters and it seeped into us because that was the environment we grew up in. Let me give a typical example: your parents had a fight and one of them decided to recruit you to his/her side by feeding you with stories about how the other person messed up. Before you know it, you are not thinking objectively.
2. Anti-social behaviour
Certain people develop anti-social personality disorder from early in their lives and when unchecked, it could become a flagrant disregard for norms in society and a twisted desire to make others bend to their wishes.
3. Insecurity
There are other people who feel terrible about themselves so they attempt to gain some control over their lives by wielding control over others.
4. Narcissism
Someone who thinks excessively high of himself may have an authoritarian personality and so try to influence others to defer to them.
Most gaslighters are aware of their behaviour but a few may not, like someone who does it because he/she is insecure. If you recognize it then try to convince them to get help.

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