What is the first thing to do if your child reveals your husband has been sexually abusing her?

Learning that your child is being sexually abused is one of the toughest pills to swallow. It gets worse if the abuser is your husband (who may or may not be her father). 
No one wants to ever think that her husband is capable of such evil. I remember that a while ago, a video about a woman who said she didn't trust her husband with their daughter went viral. Of course, it was disgusting that a woman would say such of her husband but at the same time, terrible things happen. 
If your daughter comes forward with such information, you will most likely feel like your life is shattering in slow motion. You will struggle to understand why your husband will do such and you may even doubt that your daughter is saying the truth, even if you know deep down in your heart that she has no reason to lie. 
A wide range of emotions will launch an assault on you, including anger at her for telling you because such information upsets the status quo. 
However, dear mother, I want you to remember one thing in the midst of this chaos: your daughter is looking to you to reassure her. 
Her life has already been altered in one of the most traumatic ways possible but she needs to know that she is safe with you. 
She is definitely racked by fear and probably, guilt. Therefore, the first thing you should do is to draw her close and affirm that it was not her fault and that she did the right thing by telling you. 
Don't break down in front of her. Don't yell at her or doubt her. After reassuring her, you may gently ask questions to confirm the details if she is not too upset to answer immediately. 
It is not easy but being a parent means that protecting your child comes first. 

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