Stop asking God for money; He is not Central Bank – Korede Bello

Mavins artiste, Korede Bello has reached out to cooperate beggars to inform them that there’s no shortcut to wealth, in the sense that if they hope to make a fortune from begging, they’ll die broke, even those begging God.
As we know, there are many who go on social media to beg for money from fellow men. And there are those who go to God in prayer, asking for financial breakthroughs and open doors. Korede Bello classifies that as “begging God for money,” which in his opinion, is a fruitless effort. Many Christians will not agree with this. But Korede says it’s useless.
He made it clear that God has endowed everyone with gifts and talents and those gifts and talents are supposed to be used to generate money. So he does not see any reason a man or woman with gifts and talents should be begging money from fellow men and women, and even God. But many of his fans didn’t seem to agree with him on this.
Via a video he shared online, the Mongo Park crooner said: “Maybe we should stop asking God for money. God doesn’t give money, God gives you abilities, he gives you talents, he gives you values that you can exchange for money.”

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