Sex during pregnancy 101: all you need to know (ii)

Last time, we focused on whether sex is safe during pregnancy and we concluded that you should absolutely go for it.SEX DURING PREGNANCY 101: ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW (I) But now, you may be wondering what positions are best because you have another human growing out of your body! 
Well, here are a few suggestions. 
1. Missionary 
This old-school style is still fine, especially in your first and second trimesters as long as your husband does not put too much pressure on your bump. To make it more comfortable, put a pillow behind you so you can sit up slightly.
2. Straddle him
This is one of the best positions all through your pregnancy. Researchers say that it gives women the most satisfaction and allows for deep thrusts while your hands are free to roam. On the flip-side, squatting over him may become difficult so you can kneel instead. 
3. Side saddle
This is great for the first two trimesters. Here, you lie with both of your legs over your husband's hip while he is lying on his side. If you are tired then go for this because he does all the work, though penetration may be shallow. However, you may experience dizziness if you lie on your back for too long so make sure you keep switching it up on nights you have sex. 
4. Doggy
Your bump does not get in the way so it is best for every trimester. It also encourages deep thrusts. If you are having back pain, we also recommend this. Do well to lean forward so you don't put pressure on your vaginal wall. 
5. Scissors 
We recommend this because it allows you to maintain eye contact with your husband and that can be great for maintaining intimacy while pregnant. In this position, you lie face to face but the drawback is that penetration may be shallow. For greater comfort, put a pillow under your bump. 
So, you see? Sex does not have to be boring. 

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