Reasons why you should always compliment yourself

You are special, awesome, precious, worthy! And when was the last time you told yourself that?! Can you remember the last time you complimented your reflection in the mirror or mouthed a nice word or two to yourself before heading out?
No right? Well, you should now, so you level up against the stiff competition out there by ensuring your self-esteem is all the way up! What better way to achieve that by complimenting yourself every day! It works, it really does! 
Here, check out more reasons why you should compliment yourself more!
Because you deserve the best!
Give low self-esteem a nice whack into the background by acknowledging the fact that you deserve the best in life. Give yourself some credit for battles you’ve fought and won, don’t be too hard on yourself and don’t settle for less because you deserve the very best.

Only you know your true worth
You blush or grin in delight when someone compliments your new dress or pair of heels. But when you happen to not receive a single word of approval from your man or friends, you feel something is missing. Listen up, there is actually nothing wrong with your choice of dressing, what you need to do is get over waiting for others to shower praise on you before feeling loved. Come to terms with your true worth, embrace it and flaunt it.

Always see the good in you
We all have our individual flaws and most of the time we spend long hours in front of the vanity picking on our imperfections. However, when we do see the good in us, it is imperative we voice out that good in us ’cause it is the absolute truth.

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