Is it right you stay friends with your ex? (i)

Many people will fight against the idea of being friends with one’s ex because they believe, “You two broke up for a reason so why go back to your vomit?”
Well, people break up for various reasons and sometimes, those reasons did not involve fights, tears or name-calling. So, how do you know when it is safe enough to be friends with your ex? I have a series of questions you ought to ask yourself to help you decide.
1. Do you still have feelings for him?
If the break up was not really your idea then you may still be harbouring feelings for him. I know many ladies will take the opportunity of being friends with him because they believe that half bread is better than none. They forget that he is not even bread (LOL). Seriously, though, don’t settle for this because things could get out of hand very quickly.
2. Have you let go of the baggage?
It is possible that you don’t have feelings for him anymore but may have some bitterness, hurt, resentment, anger lurking in your heart. So if you have not let go of these yet then there is no shot at friendship.
3. Do you trust him?
Trust is a fundamental part of any relationship, romantic or not. The point of being friends is that you rely on the person but how can you rely on someone you don’t trust, someone who has given you a reason to doubt him in the past?
4. Will it be beneficial to you?
You should not add to your friend list all because you can. This may sound callous but only be friends with someone because he adds value to you. So, if you are going to be friends with your ex, does he have any relevance in your life or future?
I have a few more incisive questions to ask. Stick with me.