How to stop being a workaholic

When it comes to putting an end to any addiction, it is never easy; it is usually like trying to run up a hill. But the beauty of it all is that with persistence and determination, you will make it to the top and the view from there will be worth the hardship you went through.

Before we get into it, I must emphasize how extremely important that you have a support system to help you pull through this. Being a workaholic means that you are addicted to work; you just don’t know when to take a step back from it and that can have adverse effects on your mental and physical health as well as relationships. 

Step one: Determine what is important to you. Having identified yourself as a workaholic, you must have an honest conversation with yourself about what your true priorities are. Is your money/career worth sacrificing your health, relationships or family for? You should write down what your goals and needs are.
Step two: Consciously spare a few minutes for yourself daily. Once you are at work, learn to take a break for at least 15 minutes every day. During that time, just breathe, gather your thoughts and focus on something else. You could use the time to visualize relaxing things, reflect or read something that isn’t work-related. To help you make this a habit, set an alarm and once it goes off, drop anything you are doing. 
Step three: Find a community that will help you. We may not have Workaholics Anonymous in Nigeria but there are other support groups around. Something else that you could do is to get your family and friends as involved in the process as possible. I also strongly advise visiting a therapist.
Lastly, you must remember that this is something that could happen to anyone. It does not make you a failure or disease. You are going to be fine.

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