How to effectively use social media to market your business (i)

Are you ready for a crash course on social media marketing that will have an immense impact on your business? 
Social media is not something that you use only for leisure. There are lots of opportunities that can be harnessed when effectively deployed as a marketing tool. But how do you go about it?
1. Include social media in your overall marketing strategy 
I hope you have a defined marketing strategy. If you do then take it a step further by prioritizing social media enough to make it an inclusive part of your marketing strategy. It should NOT be sidelined. 
2. Have a separate account for your business 
Of course, those who follow your personal account should know what you do but open a separate account that handles all your business matters, engages your customers and posts relevant matters solely about your business. It is more professional, makes it easier to track and measure customer engagement and allows your customers to know exactly where to go when they want to reach you. 
3. Be relevant in your field
You must prove yourself as an authority in the industry/field. This means that beyond pushing your products or services, keep your audiences up-to-date with information that borders on your field of expertise. For example, if you are a makeup artist then you should share proven natural beauty tips or if you are a blogger then you should share tips on how to be a better writer. 
4. Tailor your content for each medium
Each social media platform is unique in the methods for enjoying their perks. For example, the way you present content on Instagram is vastly different from that on Twitter. Thus, it is not always advisable to just post something on Instagram and share it across all platforms (although this may be good sometimes). 
Have I piqued your interest?

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