Here are reasons why your partner takes you for granted

Even if you are the kindest soul on Earth, as long as you keep giving without receiving, you are bound to feel like you are being taken for granted. That does not make you selfish. You are just human but then if you are wondering why someone who professes love for you would be insensitive to your needs then sees what I think.
1. You let him do it
At times, people will keep taking from you simply because you let them do it. If you don’t put your foot down and demand reciprocity then you may never get it. I am not saying you should start a fight but you must be clear about your needs.
2. You have too high expectations
Perhaps your expectations don’t match up with what he is able to give. For example, he is not romantic in the general way other people expect. So even if you are, he may not reciprocate in like manner. Therefore, you need to be patient and understand his person or explain what you want.
3. You assume he knows better
Sometimes, we ladies assume that the men in our lives should know how to treat us but we never told them. Of course, there are few generic things but when it comes to your quirks and idiosyncrasies, you have to teach him.
4. He is used to having his way
It could be that your partner always gets what he wants so he sees no reason to appreciate it or he is too insensitive to realize that he should reciprocate.
5. He is busy
It is possible that he is only going through something now and that he is not necessarily like that. This is why you should ask yourself when the unwanted behaviour started. Has he always been like this?
Which category do you fall into?

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