Communication: what should couples talk about?

They say that communication is a major pillar of any relationship and that we should talk about EVERYTHING with our partners. But how do we go about that? What do you really say?
Opening up can be hard for someone who is not used to doing so and you may be a loss as to what exactly you should share. Well, I have taken the liberty to group them in different categories.
1. Goals
A major thing that you should let your partner know about is where you see yourself in the future, your hopes and aspirations. This is important because it tells you two if you truly have a future together and helps him know where he fits in in your life.
2. Fears
It might not be so easy to open up about this one. When it comes to goals, it is easy to be enthusiastic and talk about these things but with one’s fears, one will most likely shrink away and try to pretend like they don’t exist. However, we all have fears and you should trust your partner enough to share your fears with him so you two can work through them as a team.
3. Feelings
It is very important that you don’t hide this from him. You should definitely share your emotions with your partner so he will be assured of how you feel about him or other issues. It will help you guys draw closer to each other. Feelings here may include love, fear, jealousy, pain, sadness, frustration, peace, and relief. 
4. Little things
Well, you two can’t be serious all the time so this is why you should be gist buddies. Be comfortable enough to talk about anything you wish with your partner e.g. your pet peeves, your day, your annoying colleague, and politics.
Making a conscious effort to talk about each of these makes your communication process much richer. 

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