8 indisputable signs that you are dating a pathological liar (i)

Lying is wrong. Let us be clear on that but there are people who lie for no just cause and you wonder why they would do that. 
Sometimes, the lie is so blatant yet they don't bat an eyelid. For example, he can talk about how rich he is when you know that he does not have any asset to his name. 
Being in a relationship with such an individual can be a rollercoaster because you are not sure which part is the truth. On the other hand, he may be such a smooth liar that you are not sure if he is being honest or not. 
This is why I have compiled this list of signs that will tell you if you are dating a pathological liar or not. 
1. He is selfish 
He shows no concern when a lie makes someone else fall victim. They would rather lie to extricate themselves from situations than say the truth and look bad. 
2. He shows false modesty
He lies in ways that don't come off as bragging but he actually is. He can casually mention something he did while on an exotic trip then cap it off by saying that he doesn't want to go into the details because he does not want to brag. 
3. He gets jealous when attention isn't on him
He lies for no reason and he also likes the attention that his fibs attract. When the attention is not on him, he gets jealous and attempts to reclaim it. 
4. He is comfortable with lying
Even when you catch him in an obvious lie, he tells another lie to get out of it. And funny enough, he does not show any signs of discomfort or distress. 
There are other signs of being a pathological liar so be braced as I talk about them in another post. 

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