Why do you lie?

Have you ever caught yourself in a lie then wondered why you lied when you could have easily told the truth? 
Well, here are some common reasons that even you may not have realized before. 
1. You are afraid of the consequences
You know that saying the truth would attract some consequences so you would rather tell a lie. However, someone else might get hurt, you know? 
2. You don't believe in yourself 
Quite a strange reason but hear me out. Some of us think so poorly of ourselves that we assume that no one would ever believe the truth so we go along with a more 'believable' lie. Many of us have found ourselves here before. Thus, it is important to develop a healthy sense of self-worth. 
3. You are ashamed
There are certain aspects of your past that might draw scorn but guess what! We all have that. Besides, it is in the past. People in your presence should be able to deal with that. 
4. You fear that the truth would hurt someone else 
This may be true but then remember that a lie has a short lifespan. How do you think the person would feel, later on, discovering that you hid the truth?
5. You think it is easier
Telling the truth is hardly ever easy but then it saves you trouble in the future, no matter how complicated things might seem now. 
6. You think it will change how you are perceived 
You may lie because you fear judgment. I understand that some facts about us may have 'damning' consequences but if that person deserves a place in your life then the person should learn to accept you. 
Honesty is a cardinal principle of any relationship. Don't ruin your chances with someone with lies.

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