Ways a baby can change a relationship

The fruit of every successful love affair or marriage is a baby. Having a child of your own with the man you love is rated as one of the most thrilling and incredible things a relationship could ever experience. However, this joyous experience can either make or mar your relationship with your spouse.
Continue reading to discover ways a baby may change your relationship.
Added responsibility
Caring and nurturing a newborn isn’t a simple task at all considering the time and energy it will require from you and your partner. If you don’t bear the new responsibility with good grace, you might end up being at loggerheads with your partner. However, if both of you as parents see your new bundle of joy more like the fruit of your love and not an added responsibility then intimacy between you both will grow in leaps.
Alone time gets thrown out of the window
Caring for a baby saps you of all your energy and at the end of the day, all you want to do is hit the sack and get a good night rest; i.e., if your little one decides to let you off the hook by sleeping. So thoughts of hooking up with your partner might be close to zilch.
Sex takes the backseat but you are content just staring at your little one sleep
The joy that comes with being new parents overrides the challenges and responsibilities attached. So even if you’ve been missing out on any action between the sheets or not going on dates with your partner, your newly-found intimacy and pride with the birth of your little one outweigh all your hardships.

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